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Ever wanted to start Signwriting ? Then this is an excellent 90 minute tutorial, covering all the tools and materials required to start you on your way.


A tutorial dvd Produced by Melvyn Passmore who has worked in the signwriting industry for over 35 years as a professinal Signwriter and Gilder. Working for clients large and small, covering every aspect of the industry, with commissions from clients such as Cartiers Jewellers, Esso, Powergen, Levers to name a few. The idea of this DVD is to pass on as much information to you as possible to start you off on a training schedule. Showing what tools to use, what materials and how to use them. The dvd covers all the tools and materials, actual signwriting, chalk board writing and transfer gilding.


In this new dvd, Melvyn passes on all his years of knowledge and experience to Signwriters old and new. Priced at just £19.95, this is the first issue to become available in a series of six dvds


A wonderful array of wall panelling, door panels and exquisite furniture gilded by Rupert Bevan using different carats of Gold Leaf supplied by Wrights of Lymm to create some beautiful colours and creative designs at a high quality finish.


A valued customer of Wrights of Lymm, Bourlet Fine Art Frames have been making frames for over 200 years and remain a master reference for frame production and restoration in the art world today. Although the techniques and materials used in the frame making process have not changed since the early days, Bourlet has tweaked and adapted these techniques to the more progressive and modern demand requiring frames spanning from pre-raphaelite frame styles, to art-nouveau and more futuristic designs, thus seamlessly meeting the historical and esthetical qualities of the painting, print or photograph they contain. These qualities are not limited to the content they will be married to, since a client may approach Bourlet staff with preconcieved ideas and concepts they might prefer and one can be assured that the result will always be striking and more than satisfying.


Gabrielle Rendell and her wonderfully skilled staff have been working from the atelier on Connaught street for many years now and have proven many times over that the Bourlet framing business is still well and truly a source of customer satisfaction, with clients ranging from museums and national institutions to private clients. Any client with a desire to frame a beautiful or stylish picture can be sure that the Bourlet staff know-how and expertise will systematically shine through and demonstrate that the choice of frames at hand and the techniques employed will most certainly produce a remarkably fine balance and composite between the the finished frame and the painting, picture or etching contained within.


Here you can see some of their wonderful craftmanship using our Gold and Silver Leaf.






A small tabernacle was gilded on to oak and the design was punched in. Each element of the frame was made separately and then assembled. It is a 19th century pre Raphaelite design.



This frame was made for sculpture. A 17th century Spanish Design. This sort of parcel gilding is very fiddly and time consuming to do.



Here Bourlet bought a poster of a Lowry and made a 3″ gilded frame, a gesso mount with a gilded bevel. The poster was put on board and varnished so that it resembled an original.



A very blingy silver and black Spanish 17thc frame for a print.